Friday, July 22, 2011

The Importance of a Success Partner

Happy Friday!  I don't about you, but I feel like this week has been dragging.  Maybe it has been the heat (close to 100 degrees every day), I just know that I am glad that the weekend starts at 5 pm today!

So today I am going to talk about something that I feel is VERY important to each of us.  It is a specific person in you life that will help you to succeed in your profession, home business, fitness, and lifestyle goals.  They will help you when you hit a roadblock or when you run out of ideas.  It is a person that will give you the extra enouragement and push that you need to reach a goal.  This is what we like to call a Success Partner. :)

So why is a Success Partner so important?  Well...I can't really explain why without telling you about my own success partner...

Her name is Nicole and let me tell you...she is awesome.  We started talking randomly one day in our Bombshell Dynasty group...and discovered are both at pretty much the same stage of our businesses.  That is when we both decided that we were meant to be Success Partners.  We both shared the same enthusiasm, drive, and determination...and we both want to succeed and make a huge impact.  She inspires me everyday, and I am SO glad that she came into my life!

Together, we have brainstormed and come up with some realistic goals that we BOTH would like to reach.  I am going to make us BOTH accountable and post those goals now for you all to see...
  • We both want at least 15 people signed up with us as their coaches...and let me just say that in the past couple of days we have both been on a roll!
  • We both WILL be EMERALD coaches by SEPTEMBER 
  • We have vowed to have weekly talks about our progress...this has actually turned into us talking almost DAILY about our progress :)
  • We both were determined to make video blogs...and we did!  Check mine out here :)  (Nicole, post your link in my comment section when you read this and I will add it up here!)
  • We both decided to blog...A LOT...and we have been :)
  • We both wanted to join MORE social networking sites...and we did!  LinkedIN, StumbleUpon...
We made up this list of goals about a month ago...and I am SO proud to say that we have BOTH  accomplisted the ones that are RED.  So if you were doubting this whole Success Partner shouldn't!  Having a person to rely on and work with is the most imporant thing that you can possibly have.  Nicole has become one of my favorite people and one of my best friends...I cannot WAIT to take over VEGAS with her and the rest of the Bombshell Dynasty for Summit 2012!!!

So now I am going to ask you, do you have a Success Partner?  Do you have a person that you can count on to inspire you, push you, and help you reach all of your goals?  If you don't...evaluate, talk to people, and find one :)  It will be the best decision that you will ever make...

If you do have a success partner, share your story with me!  Why are they your success partner?  How did you know that you two were perfect together?  What have you been able to do that you would have never done without their support and encouragement?  Email me your story!  And this weekend I will be posting your stories on here...Bombshell Dynasty members...this means you!

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NicoleMorse said...

hey girl!!! THIS POST IS AMAZING!!! I LOVE you for posting about us and you're such an amazing Success Partner!!

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Thanks for keeping me ACCOUNTABLE!! I LOVE IT!