Friday, December 30, 2011

From Every New Beginning, Comes Another Beginning's End

Well, well, well...Here we are again.  Yet another year has come and gone and I really cannot believe it.  I never thought that so much could change in one year...But I am officially ready to put the past behind me and move on.  This year has changed me a lot, people have come and gone, I have grown as a person, and I have developed deep, meaningful relationships that I would not trade in for the world.

The year started off rough for me...recovering from a crappy breakup that pretty much left my world is complete dissarray.  I had to learn to cope with being alone in my own house, something that I never thought would hurt as much as it did.  But with the help of my fur baby Bo (who I have had for one year today), I was able to get through it...and I came out stronger on the other side.

Then there were my friends...oh how I love you guys.  I have learned that you don't have to live next door to someone to develop a meaningful friendship with them.  Even with states in between us, I know that I have friends all over that I can rely on at the drop of a dime.  Not to mention that I have a group of girl friends, something that I have never had before, here in Pittsburgh that I can always count on to pick me up when I am feeling down. 

This year hasn't been all gum drops and rainbows though. I lost a huge part of my life this year when my Aunt Karen passed away. Even though she was mean sometimes, and she like to yell at me, she was still my Aunt and I loved her. She taught me that even though life may be tough, but you can get through it and ENJOY it. She defied so many odds, lived longer than any doctor ever expected her to, and she lived a full life. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about her and how I will never hear her voice again. It breaks my heart but I know that she is not in pain anymore, and she is my newest guardian angel. She will always be by my side and because of her...I can do ANYTHING.

Me and Aunt Karen

The tattoo that I got on my left side in honor of my Aunt Karen

So my wish for 2012?  I want my life to CONTINUE getting better.  I am on a uphill climb right may be may be difficult...but it is up hill, that's for sure.  I am focusing more on my health this year and focusing on being happy AND healthy. 

Thank you all for being understanding, and for being supportive even when I am not exactly the greatest friend.  This year has been a crazy one, that's for sure...but now it is over...and guess what, I SURVIVED...No, I didn't just survive...I thrived!

So here is to 2012, a new year and a new beginning, here is to the old friends that I have kept and the new ones I have made, and here is to making 2012 the best year yet.

Love you guys!  Have a safe and happy new year :)