Friday, July 1, 2011

...And now for a word from our sponsors...

Well, not really...they are words from me :)

I know that I said that I was done blogging until I got to the beach, and I have posted two other blogs today, but I figured I would post something that I wrote rather than an article or whatever.

So over the past few days I have really been looking at what I can do to help get my name out there in the world; how I can reach people that I would not normally reach.  I need to broaden my horizons and step even FURTHER out of my comfort zone.  So get ready world, here comes Kristin!  Between this blog, my videoblog (, and other social media outlets, I am going to spread the word about what I am doing...About how BEACHBODY and The Bombshell Dynasty can change might you ask???  Lead by example!

My life has changed completely since becoming a coach.  I know, I may not boost the same numbers as other coaches that have been doing it for as long as or even less time than me, but I know that I have the passion and the desire and the DRIVE to succeed!  Since becoming a coach, I have become a lot more outgoing, I am not afraid to speak up and tell people about coaching and Beachbody.  I am no longer afraid that they will judge me or throw negativity at me.  I wear a negativity-proof vest baby, hit with me your best shot because it will just bounce off of me.

Also, I have surround myself with an amazing support system...This is when I mention everyone by name who is being awesome and supportive and helping me succeed in what I do...Kati Heifner (my amazing DIAMOND coach and one of the greatest friends ever)...Lindsay Matway (one of the most inspirational people I have ever known)...Nicole Morse (best Success Partner ever!)...Lacey Twigg...Kyle Wilder-Slaughter...Holly Schaefer...Rich Donovan...Abby Fix...Amanda Genovese...Melissa Means....Julia Hackle...Danielle Morgan....Derek Cobb...Chris Taylor...My Mom, Maggie Maher...My Dad, Roger Maher...Kam Laughlin...Jodi Beggarly...Josie Urban...Rachel Volna...Alayne Barbary...Cara Crowley...Melissa Pifer...Dan Fillmore...Glenn Zary...and if I am forgetting anyone I am sorry but the list continues to grow every single day.  THANK YOU ALL...and I mean that from the very bottom of my heart.  You all give me tons of support; you are why I can wear my negativity-proof vest because I know that for every negative comment that I hear, you all will spit back positive comments to no end.  Some of you are a part of The Bombshell Dynasty already...some of you I will get to sign up one day :) 

Now you think...who are the positive people in your life?  Who helps to support you and encourages you to strive for your goals and dreams?  If you cannot think of anyone, or very few people...Let me be your support!  I have learned from the best...And I have learned that when someone has your back, you need to have their back too.  Everyone that I listed up there has my back, and I know that I can count on them.  they know that they can count on me too...You can be a part of this...and it won't cost you a PENNY.  Just go to and sign up for the FREE membership.  That will make you a part of this amazing group of people that will love and support you, even at your weakest, most negative moments...

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