Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It is good to be back!

Well, I have decided to try my hand at blogging again!

I started a wonderful journey to transform myself into a healthier, happier woman...A journey that will help me get fit and feel confident in my body...And I am SO excited!

First off, a little about me :)

I have always been a relatively small person, and I was always very fit!  however, I ran into some health problems that set me WAY off track...and I became very unhappy with myself. So I decided to take action!  I got in contact with my awesome Beachbody coach, Kati, and she helped me realize that I can transform myself!

I ordered P90X, and started P90X lean.  After one week I was already seeing amazing results!  I started eating clean, and drinking more water.  Plus, I gave up coffee!  And I could drink a pot of it a day.  But amazingly enough, I am more awake now WITHOUT the coffee that I was with the coffee!

Unfortunately, last week I got very sick.  So I have only been working out every other day...but keeping up with my diet!  I cannot wait to start back up again everyday, because I know that it will make me feel a lot better!

Anyway, that is enough for now...I will keep you posted about my journey!

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