Saturday, April 23, 2011

All Jack3d Up!

I dunno about all of you, but I have a tendency to not always bring it when I am tired after a long day of work.  I mean I wake up at 5 from 7 am until almost 5 pm...then deal with traffic


I have to feed puppy and let him out...

Make dinner for MYSELF...


THEN it is time to work out...


I am exhausted just READING all of it...Sometimes I don't get the chance to push play until almost 8 pm!  That is when I started looking for something to get my pumped up...give me energy to actually bring it and get the most from my workout...and that is when I heard about Jack3d :)


Now this stuff is intense and should be used carefully!  Don't just think, "oh, this is just an energy boosting supplement"...NO, this stuff is CRAZY...but I love it!  

I put 1 scoop into about 10 oz of water about 20 minutes before my workout...and it really helps me to bring it!  Last night for instance, I almost DOUBLED my number of reps in shoulders and arms...and upped my weight!  I really  pushed myself and it felt amazing!  Plus, I was able to do ALLLLL of Ab Ripper X without stopping, that was a first!

Now like I said, BE CAREFUL with this stuff...They don't keep it in a glass care at GNC for no reason.  ALWAYS READ THE LABELS...


Also, if you are currently taking a multivitamin each morning, make sure that you continue to take it!  Jack3d will actually prevent some toxins from leaving your multivitamin will help prevent this from happening!

I definitely recommend the stuff...I mean, I have had 2 of the BEST workouts of my life while taking it the past 2 days...but please be careful...

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