Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Sunday!

So, yesterday was our Super Saturday Event...and it was a blast!  It was great to meet other coaches in the area and to hear their stories.  It was very inspirational for a new coach like me :)  Plus it was fun to work out with everyone!  Here is a picture of everyone (courtesy of Kati Heifner)..


But I am finally not sick anymore!  Yayyyy!  Feels SO good to get back into my routine.  I decided to start ALL over again, so today was day 2!  Cardio X may be one of my favorites...besides Shoulders and Arms/Ab Ripper X.  :)  

So I am SUPER excited about our AWESOME open house event next Sunday!  It is at my house (2275 Bernard Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15234) from 1pm to 4pm.  Me and a few other coaches will be here to tell you all about our new Fit Club that we are starting, and we will be here to answer your questions about Beachbody products!  We will also have SAMPLES of Shakeology, along with other clean foods (and yes, we will share our secret recipes).  Come and learn about how you can eat clean foods that DON'T taste like cardboard...and how we can help you transform your life!  Plus there will be prizes, and who doesn't like to win stuff??  :)

On another is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside today!  Maybe spring is finally here :)

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