Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Vacation, All I Ever Wanted..."

"Vacation....have to get away..."

Well everyone, the time has come!  I leave for vacation Saturday morning at 5:20 am (Lord help me)...So this will be my last blog post from Pittsburgh...I have a LOT to get done between today and tomorrow evening, which is when I am leaving my house because my AMAZING friend Kati is taking me to the airport at 3:30 am Saturday (LOVE you Kati!). 

But since my last post, I have posted another video is it...

Now I am going to challenge YOU!  Write down your goals...Then post your BIGGEST goal in the comments below :) JUST DO IT!!  If you can come up with your goal, or you have them and need help reaching them...let me know!  I can help you...Let me be your coach!

Now for some other BIG coach...and one of my very best friends, Miss Kati Heifner became a DIAMOND Coach a HUGE congrats to Kati!  She rocks :)   She is SUCH an inspiration to me and everyone else on The Bombshell Dynasty...We love you Kati!!

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Kati Heifner said...

Yayyyyyy!!! Thanks girl!! Cant wait until Friday!!