Monday, January 16, 2012

Preparing for the week!

So yesterday morning (which was Sunday), I took the time after my workout to prepared my meals and snacks for the week!  It took me a couple of hours between chopping, cooking, portioning, and planning...but it was worth it.  Last week I not only ate healthy because of prepared meals...but I also saved $25!

Here is what my food for the week consists of:
  • Eggs with spinach, mushrooms, peppers and either hot sauce or salsa for breakfast
  • Qunioa with chicken for lunch...And I may add some salsa or other veggies depending on the day
  • Plus I made CLEAN pasta for dinner last night, so I have leftovers for one evening this week!
  • SNACK PACKS!  I have cleaned, chopped and portioned celery, grapes, and carrots for the week

And I of COURSE have my daily Shakeology and my fancy Brita Bottle so that I can drink TONS of water (I have been averaging 80 oz each day)!

What do you do to help yourself stay on track throughout the week????

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