Friday, August 26, 2011

Making amends...

So, I know that it has been a while...AGAIN.  Sorry guys :)

I have had a hectic week.  My gas line failed last Friday so I didn't have gas or hot water until this Wednesday.  My roommate is in the process (and almost finished!) moving in and my very best friend is getting married! 

But back to the title of this post.  Making amends. 

I know that we all have had friendships that we thought were going to last forever...but they didn't.  Something dumb happened and it caused everything to fall apart, but you were able to move on with your life.  In my case, I have neglected many friendships in the past.  I let people that meant a lot to me slip away and I tried to act like it did not bother me.  But truthfully, it was like losing a limb...the wound may have healed, but the limb was still gone.

In the past 2 days, I have made the effort to reconnect with 2 people that I used to be very close to.  Two people that I once considered my best friends.  I took responsibility for my actions and lack of actions and appologized for my wrongdoings.  I am hoping that things turn out well...

I have committed to not only improving my PHYSICAL health...but also my MENTAL and EMOTIONAL health...

I mean thing about it....what fun is life if you don't have amazing friends to share it with??

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